Saturday, 23 May 2015

News Trading Strategy tips and tricks

news trading strategy
If you want to learn about news Trading strategy you must ready this page closely! basically trading with news are not hard in fact its very easy! as long we know how to do it, and with a little fews trick you can make decent profits with news! most of news trader always have a way how to make profit, but it doesn't mean what they doing without proper methods! of course they have, it's real money they put on that trade, so it would be logic if they have some kind of trick ;)  bellow are a few step that I always use before I trade forex with news!

  • first steps, analyze strong and weak currency! this analysis are important simple because if we trade a pair strong vs weak, it will likely their movement will stable and predictable, and not to wild! by doing this with news it can give some additional boost! and also you can chose the second weak strong something like strongest pair vs second weak currency! by doing this we have more option, in case first option doesn't have high impact news or maybe the trends is not backing match , next step is about the trend!
  • second step is, analyze the trend! if trend match with our pair that we chose, then its good! but if not try to find second weak and strongest! most of time market will not move against long term trend! but sometimes it could happen! but at some point pair movement will move follow the trends!
  • third steps find high impact news or medium!  especially if they correlated with our pair! this could give huge boost to market movement! and you can get 40 to 100 point in single trade! so be careful when you trade with news! cause if you right, you get big profit, but if lose you'll lose a lot!
  • last step, this is very important shit 5hit can happen in this industry, so I urge you to put stop loss! cause with that way, you can minimize our loss, and remember we always can trade on the next day! so don't bet big money in single trade! cause most of the times you will fail big times! but if you bet on reasonable scale! you can achieve consistent profit every month! though no one can guarantee this methods will always works all the times! 
I hope my tips and trick about how to trade with news can help you making profit in forex market!  happy trading guys :)

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